Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Upcoming 3423 PPSC Lecturers Vacancies at Colleges in Punjab

 Upcoming 3423 PPSC Lecturers Vacancies at Colleges in Punjab:The Punjab Public Service Commission has updated the next 3,423 PPSC Lectures vacancies at Colleges in Punjab province. These teachers' jobs are expected in 2021, which PPSC will announce shortly for hiring. Residents of Punjab province will apply for these jobs. Candidate who does not have Punjab province domicile is not eligible to apply. The summary of these works from PPSC Lecturers 2021 is as follows:


3423 PPSC Lecturers vacancies at universities in Punjab:


Teachers (men) = 732

Teachers (women) 2,691

The Department of Higher Education has the deficiencies of the professors Lecturers of the government Colleges in Punjab. HED will hire 2,691 female teachers and 732 male teachers. The details of the subjects in which these teachers are required, the PPSC will announce the details of them shortly. Therefore, candidates should look forward to the next updates on teacher vacancies.



Upcoming 3423 PPSC Lecturers Vacancies at Colleges in Punjab:


Candidates are waiting for the jobs of these teachers in Punjab for many months. Many of the candidates have already applied for jobs at PPSC and are still awaiting the results of their tests and interviews. Now the candidates have to prepare for the jobs of these professors that are coming soon.


Check the status of teachers' jobs


Requirement for hiring teachers (BPS-17)


The Department of Higher Education of the Government of Punjab issued a letter on 03-09-2021 regarding a request for the recruitment of teachers (BPS-17) (men and women) against the direct quota (including men, women and transsexuals) of regularly.

I am ordered to refer to the aforementioned subject and attach two (02) requisitions hereto along with annexes duly completed and signed by the Competent Authority in the prescribed forms 'PPSC-I' to contract for 3,423 positions including all fees on a regular basis. in the HED of Punjab.

Request of 2691 Teacher positions (Female) BPS-17

Requirement of 732 Teacher positions (Male) BPS-17

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