Saturday, March 7, 2020

Most Important chemistry and science Mcqs For all Jobs

1. Heat received by the earth from the sun is known as:
  Solar radiation
2. Newton rings are colored rings observed around the point of contact of a?
   Convex lens
3. the term Mentor is applied to an interplanetary body after it enters the earth?
4. A galvanometer is used to measure the current of small____?
5. Spherical Shape of Raindrop is due to____?
    Atmospheric friction of air
6. The barometer is used to measure?
   Atmospheric Pressure
7. utilization of product of digestion is called___?
8. Kangaroo has an abdominal pouch which is known as:
9. Rich source of energy in seimen/
10. Spitting of glucose relates to?
11. Bean shaped cells in plant cells are called?
   guard cell
12. Shrinkage of protoplast is due to water osmosis is?
13. Which of the following plants are called arthrophytes?
14. Seismology is the science of?
15. Magnifying Power of the microscope can be increased by:
     By Increasing focal length of the lens
16. The German Silver is an alloy of:
17. Constellation is a configuration of fixed stars?
   Resembling a figure
18. Three elements needed for the healthy growth of the plant?
    N,P, K
19. Which of the following part of the atmosphere is near to earth?
20. In winter, an iron pipe feels colder than the wooden window. It is because the wood is 

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