Responsive Voting System Using PHP & Bootstrap - Download Now

Responsive Voting System Using PHP & Bootstrap

Responsive voting system used primarily to identify the choice of web users. The online voting system or survey is mainly used on the web today, and there are many services available that provide a built-in voting system. This is a complete compilation of the voting system in PHP, MySQLi and Bootstrap.

This sensitive voting system uses PHP and MySQL to create a voting system without JavaScript or jQuery. In addition, our voting script uses PHP and MySQL to store voting data, voting options and votes in the database.

Responsive Voting System Using PHP & Bootstrap - Download Now

Functionality of the Responsive voting system script

Voting data and options are stored in the MySQL database. The voting question and the respective options will be obtained from the database and will be displayed to the student. The student / user can select an option and submit their vote. Once the vote is sent, it will be stored in the database with the respective voting option. In addition, we will use PHP COOKIE to restrict the user to submit the vote several times. The result of the vote with the total vote count and the votes of each option will be displayed on the results page. The result of the voting options will be displayed as a percentage bar.

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