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Software : School management Complete 2019

How to install

Upload the downloaded zip file.
● You can load anywhere within your public_html folder or in any subfolder you want. Just consider the directory where you uploaded it
● Unzip the file
● Go to your preferred web browser and type the url where you unzipped the file. For example, if you have an domain and you have unzipped the files inside a "school" folder, the URL will be
● After entering the URL in your browser you will see.

This is the first step of the installation.

Before beginning the installation process, you will need to have the Code Canyon purchase code, the database name, the database username, the database password and the database host . You can obtain the purchase code of your purchase information in codecanyon, to have the information in the database, you must create a new database on your server. You should also ensure that the files in /application/config/database.php and /application/config/routes.php have write permission. You should also check if php curl is enabled on your server or not.
This screen verifies if the required files have write permission and whether curl is enabled or not. If they are not enabled, you will face problems in the installation process. So make sure the three points on that screen have a green check mark. If all is well and press the "Continue" button, this screen will appear

Here you must insert your previously created database credentials correctly. The installer will verify if the information is correct after pressing the "Continue" button and if everything is ok
Complete the required information and press the "Configure me" button. This will save your school name and administrator login credentials that will be required later to log in to the application.

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