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Protect Name: Attendence And Payroll Management System
Programming Language: PHP
Database: MySQLi
Style: Bootstrap

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This module has 4 sections -
Notice Board
Send Message
Send Email / SMS
Email / SMS Log
We will send messages through Notice Board or Email / SMS and then sent messages can be check at Notice Board or Email / SMS Log
Send Message
- Go to 
Communicate > Send Message
Message Title


Notice Date

Publish Date

Message To
 & click 
 button. Note that, Notice Date is the date at which notice is being post & Publish Date is the date at which notice is being visible to Staff, Students & Parents.
Send Email / SMS
- Go to 
Communicate > Send Email / SMS
 at this page there are three tabs 
Group, Individual
 to select which users group you want to send email / sms. You can also send only Email or SMS or both at once.
 tab to send email / sms to all 
Students, Guardians
 enter message 
then select 
Send Through
 to send message through 
Email or SMS or both
, then enter 
then select all those users groups (Students, Guardians and Staff) you want to send this Email / SMS then click to 
Here note that text entered in Title will not be sent through SMS, Title text will only send through email as email subject and Message text will be send as email body

Programming Language : PHP
Database : Mysqli

Project Name: Attendance And Payroll Management System

Language used: PHP

Database: MySQL

User interface design: HTML, AJAX, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT

Web browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA

Software: XAMPP / Wamp / Mamp / Lamp (any)


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