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Project: Real Estate Management System in C# with source code

About Project

Real Estate Management System is a desktop application developed using C# Language. The Project is based on the concept of managing the plot records. Talking about the system, a user can create a company record by providing company name, address, contact details, financial year dates etc Then the user can easily enter any existing records for management of plot details. For this a user has to pass through a login system.

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After that, the user can easily manage company as well as customer’s detail. Other feature includes plot sell details, and receipt. To save plot details, he/she has to enter customer name, survey number, rate, booking amount, total paid amount, plot number, plot size, total amount, agreement and balance amount.

Design of the project is very simple so that the user won’t find any difficulties while working on it. This project uses an external file as a database. The Real Estate Management project helps in the management of the plot details. To run this project, you must have Visual Studio IDE and MS Access installed on your PC. The real estate management system in C # can be downloaded for free with the source code

  • Admin panel
  • Create company
  • Customer details
  • Plot details
  • Backups

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