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Project: Pizza order system in C # with source code

About the project

The Pizza Ordering System project is a desktop application developed using C # Language. The project is based on a concept to keep all pizza orders for the delivery of a pizza house. Speaking of the system, a user can order a pizza from the main menu by selecting the size of the pizza, the crust, the additional ingredients, the drinks and other items. Each of the selected items contains a different price. After placing orders, he / she has to review his order list and confirm his orders for payments.

Speaking of the payment procedures, the user must provide the customer information, which includes his name, surname, address, province, city, zip code, contact number and email. With the exception of contact numbers and email, all fields must be fulfilled. Then, the user must provide payment information that includes the payment method, the card number and the amount paid by the customer. Each field is required here. The payment method includes cash, debit, credit card and the field of the card number depends on the payment method, which means that each time the user selects the cash option, the field is deactivated and, in terms of the method card payment, the field can be viewed and filled. After entering the amount paid by the customer, the system calculates the amount due automatically and the previews in the system. After this, the order is sent.

The project of the pizza order system helps to manage the pizzerias in a short period of time. This desktop application project can also be used for pizza delivery and is easy to operate and understand for users. To run this project, you must have Visual Studio IDE installed on your PC. The Pizza Order System in C # can be downloaded for free with the source code. For the demonstration of the project, take a look at the slider of the image below.

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  • Item Menus
  • Order Confirmations
  • Payment
  • Different Payment methods


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