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Project: Equipment inventory management system in PHP with source code.

About the project

The equipment inventory management system is developed using PHP, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Speaking of the project, it contains a management side where a user can easily manage all the inventory and employee records. In addition, the administrator plays an important role in the management of this system. In this project, the user has to perform all the main functions from the administration side.

About the system

Speaking of the characteristics of the equipment inventory management system, the user can manage items, employee records. To add the item record, he / she must enter the name of the item, select category, serial number, model number, brand, amount, date of purchase, employee and condition. For the employee registration, the user must enter their name, position, office and type of account. In addition to this, the administrator can also manage the positions, the office and view reports. The user only has to enter the description of the position and the description of the office in order to add the positions and the office.


Login system
CRUD articles
Employees of crud
Manage position and office
See the reports

How to run?

1st Step: Extract file
2nd step: copy the main project folder
3rd step: paste in xampp / htdocs /

Now connecting the database

Step 4: open a browser and go to the URL "http: // localhost / phpmyadmin /"
5th Step: Then, click on the database tab
Step 6: create a database with the name "deped" and then click on the import tab
7 step: click on the scan file and select the file "deped.sql" that is inside the folder "DATABASE"
Step 8: Click on go.

After creating the database,

9 step: open a browser and go to the URL "http: // localhost / equipinventory /"

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