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Project:Bird Hunting Game In C#

The bird hunting game is a simple C# game. The game is the remake of the previous version of the duck hunt game with some minor changes. Some of the features are not included in this game. Before you run this project you will need Visual Studio. This IDE will allow you to run the solution file.

Game play

This project contains various files and c# code within it. This game is very much addictive and mood refreshing. In the gameplay, when you build and run the solution file you will see the home screen with different options. The aim of this game is to shoot the birds and hunt them. The speed of the birds will increase rapidly as your game progresses. When you start the game, the computer will ask you to select the weapons and the type of bird you want in the game. For faster aiming and fire, you can the pistol can be handy. Each time you hit the bird with bullets you will gain a game point. The whole project consists of several c# file and field validation. The game helps to understand the artificial pattern to improve the game bot function.

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