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This is the student information system in PHP developed in PHP. The software manages to keep all the records of the student and the institution. At the beginning it is assumed that the student must register. During this process, a unique registration number will be provided through which you can log in and clarify any questions.
According to your registration number, you will be assigned a class. All your important details will be saved in the database. Along with this, your annual qualifications, awards won, assistance can also be stored. At the end of the year, along with the information, the annual reports of each student in particular will be sent to the email identification or to the telephone number of their parents. The software also provides complete details of the institution.

Our group has developed software that is useful in schools and their administrations. In schools, the main problem for the administration is to keep an adequate record of the students and their progress. Our software allows the user to enter the information details of the new student and their parents, these records are kept securely and can not be modified without the permission of the authorized main user. We have enabled an assistance section in our software that works through the sweeping method with the help of a student's ID card, since students swipe their card while entering the classrooms. How many students are present and absent, this process reduces the time and effort of work. If the student is absent, the automatic message is sent to the mobile phones of their parents, since it is necessary to know the parents for the safety of their children. Our software also has the Qualification Section where the marks of each student are stored and generates a report. The reports are generated in two ways, one in the school management format and the other in the SMS format that is sent to the parents. Our software also encourages each individual student to showcase their talents such as paintings, dance videos, action games and other talents by posting it on the home page of our software. The primary intent of this software is to keep schools in touch with parents in all possible ways so parents can have details of their students' progress in this busy corporate life. School management can have full details of each class and student progress. This software provides an accurate idea to administrations regarding the status of their schools and students. This software also maintains the health details of the students, as it helps the administration to know the health of its students and take precautions when necessary and also keeps a report of the medications provided to the students as Details and dates of injections and tablets administered to students. This software is totally easy to use and applicable to all types of schools.

This software is free of errors. Anyone can use this software. You can download this software by clicking on download below. Then use this software and get more benefits from this. If you have any questions, post your questions below.

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Title of the project: Student information system in php.
Front End: PHP

Back End: MySQL Server


Processor: Intel dual core or higher
Processor speed: 1.0GHz or higher
RAM: 1 GB of RAM or higher
Hard disk: 20 GB hard drive or higher

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