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This is the database of the payroll management system developed on The software manages all the payroll activities carried out in a company. As soon as the employee joins the company, they will be given a unique employee identification. The administrator has the authority to provide a username and password for each employee through which they can log in and use the software. The administrator has more authority than the employee. The employee can log in and request the license. Depending on the number of working days, the net salary will be calculated for each employee.


1) Open Sql Server 2005; Right click on "Databases" and select "Attach"; Select the file "payroll.mdf" from the "Database" folder and click OK; Then the database will be attached to the SQL server.

2) Double-click on the file "Payroll.sln" in the "Payroll" folder.

Our main purpose of our projects is to reduce the manual entry of data and paper work. This software will manage all kinds of employee details, such as personal details, designation, company details, salary details, permit details and assistance details. This main objective of the software is to make employees and administrators work more easily.

In the login module, registration of a new user can be done and secure login is guaranteed by providing a user name and passwords. We have an employee registration section where you can add, update and delete records. The attendance section allows you to mark the attendance and the option of online assistance is also available for employees who work as extension officers.

Our project calculates the salary according to the rules of the company and the salary detail is sent to an employee in the form of SMS. This software also provides vouchers with all the details such as basic salary, DA, HRA and other assignments and also shows deductions or losses of payment information so that employees can have exact details of their salaries. The license module contains information, such as the assigned license and the license available to all employees.

Maintains the details of the license according to the rules and regulations of the company. The administrator can add, edit and view details in all sections where, as employees, they are not allowed to make any updates and it is more secure in the hands of administrators. Our project allows the company to generate reports on the performance of employees and the sales of companies according to the day, week, month and year. It is easy to implement and allows data protection and consumes less time. This software alerts when a particular employee retires and manages the data of the Provident Funds, the insurance and the pension that will be granted to the employees and the loan.

This software solves problems such as data redundancy and data inconsistency. This software can be applicable or served in many government companies and private companies with its reliable and surprising functions.

This software is free of errors. Anyone can use this software. You can download this software by clicking on download below. Then use this software and get more benefits from this. If you have any questions, post your questions below.

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Payroll management system database

3) Open the file "web.config" and change the password of the database (Ex: 123), if necessary.

4) Change the values ​​of "Company name" and "City" as desired.

5) Run the website.

Administrator login:

Username: admin
Password: payroll123

Login manager:

User name: administrator
Password: payroll123

Employee login (example):

Username: ram
Password: ram123

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