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Online Tourist Bus Booking System: This project is developed using the programming language PHP and uses the MySQL database. This is online project. This project is useful for booking tickets for a place online rather than waiting for a ticket and standing in queue manually. There are 2 different users. They are customer and the admin. When a customer visits the site, he / she directed to the home page. Home page includes all the details of the book ticketing office. There is an option called as Book Online Ticket. When you click on it, a page will be displayed where you need to enter all the necessary information. Initially you must enter the place and the destination place. Depending on the places, different quotations will be displayed by different bus company. The customer can choose any out of which one I think is the best and the cheap quotation. After selecting the quotation I must enter the number of people traveling. Depending on the quantity she / he must choose the seat where he wants to sit. After that the software asks for payment. The payment mode can be either cash or through cards. The tickets can be sent through mail or can collect the tickets directly on the day of travel. If he wants the ticket too, it is sent to his home address, he must also provide the home address precisely.

Feedback can be provided by the customer. Any feedback will be taken as positively and would try to improve their system. Admin enters all the necessary details into the software. I have saved all the bus owners details, their quotation. He also enters different places in masters. I can update the record I have entered or delete it if necessary. This reduces paper, power, and time. For this process, requirement of manpower is less. Sample code is available in the below link. For the original code mail us to purchase. If you like this site, please subscribe for daily updates.

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Project title:

Online Tourist Bus Booking system
Front End: ASP.NET C #

Back End: SQL SERVER 2008

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