Film Library Dot Net Final Year Projects For Student 2019

Film library is an application based on small windows that is developed to provide complete information about movies.

The library of films as its name indicates it provides complete information about the films, like the name of the film, in what year the film was released. who are all the actors involved, who is the director, who is the producer and co-producer, what is the duration of the film, etc. If we have the title of the film, we can identify all the information about the film, In what year the film was created, who is the producer, the director and the actors, what is the main theme of the film. Previously, how many films the director has created and how many have been successful. How many awards the director has received? the director filmed the movie which is the duration of the scenes. When was the last update of the movie? What are all the modified scenes. What are all the scenes that were successful? What is that reputation that the director has?

The last year project of the Dot Net movie library, online shopping is a web-based application, which is primarily designed to sell and buy electronic devices, as customers are interested in performing their tasks only online . The administrator assumes the responsibility of adding several items and users must register to complete all their purchases online. Users must provide their credit card number to purchase the products online. Sellers should contact the administrator to add their items to the site. The user adds the items to his cart and buys them according to the balance of his card.

The current project grants all the supreme rights to the administrator, since the application must not be misleading.

Software and hardware requirements

Software Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 2000 / xp / Vista

Front End Software: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Hardware requirements:

Processor: Pentium 4.0 (1.6 GHz) and higher

Memory: 512 MB

Hard disk: 40 GB

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